wrackednerves: (cop's delight.)

just for the record: the weather today is slightly sarcastic

with a good chance of a) indifference, or b) disinterest in what the critics say

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Name:what the hell is a "stiles"?
Location:Beacon Hills, California, United States of America

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2015 sans teleportation bullshit, actually calling out scottmccall, actually seeing star wars, actually watch it now, anime, asinine questions, being right (all times), being right (most times), bestiary not bestiality, blazes of glory, bringing back witty t-shirts, brooding werewolves with squarejaw, buttholes are tiny donuts, caped crusaders, circumventing responsibilities, coding, curly fries, demons n stuff, dog people, dreams without teeth, earth's continual rotation, either hand, excessive use of limbs, falling with style(...s), finding dead bodies first, forgetting the point mid-sentence, freeballing, george carlin, jim jack & jose, killing people to death, legendary wank sessions, leia's cinnamon buns, male circumcision origins, marathon make out sessions, mastering bra hooks, me soy espanol (fluent), mmorpgs, monty python, more like nopegitsune, my dragqueen bitches, not dying, not dying (fuck gerard), not dying (hale variety), not dying (swimming variety), not dying a virgin, not dying because choices, not dying because scott, not dying during lacrosse, not dying in asylums, not dying in gurneys, not dying in mexico, not dying while possessed, not dying young, peter hale's ever-plunging necklines, pizza?, post-joke cricket chirping, reminding werewolves they're werewolves, robots with feelings, running for my life, sexcapades, sidekicking, sleeping patterns, socks without holes, sudoku on the toilet, the drugs, the rock n roll, the sex, there castle, there! wolf, unstoppable word waterfalls, view askew, wearing many plaid shirts, xxl condoms (;, y'know carefree teenager stuff, zoology
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